Demo Reel

  • Duck & Cover: Animation
  • Special Attack: Animation
  • Eruptor Animation Set: Skinning, Animation
  • Steel Test: Animation
  • Amelia vs. the Marathon Cutscene: All Visuals
  • Amelia vs. the Marathon Gameplay: All Visuals
  • RWBY Season 4, Episode 11: Weiss & Klein: Mocap Cleanup


Technical Animation Reel

2D Animation Reel


Hank the Heart Presents: What is Pulmonary Hypertension

Responsible for all character animation and 2d effects.


The Magic of Medical Animation: Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Media Lab

Responsible for script, planning, and all character animation in live action shots


Organoids: Transplant Visualization

Responsible for object and camera animation. All animation setup & rigging.