Cat Musgrove

3D Animator

Austin, TX 



Rooster Teeth, Austin, TX– Contract Animator



RWBY Season 4

  • Animated characters and props in Maya. Character animation was a mixture of working from mocap data, animation libraries, and keyframe animation.

Trouble Impact, LLC, Austin, TX – Co-Founder



Color Thief (PC): Jan 2013 – Present, Artist, Designer

  • Created all of the 3D assets for the game (characters, props and environments) in 3Ds Max.
  • Created a robust animation set for the main character, and posed several other characters to use as environment art. Character rigging was done through a mix of Biped and CAT.
  • Designed all of the levels and puzzles in the game. Worked closely with my teammate to create puzzle gameplay mechanics.
  • Playtested levels extensively at conventions and local events, and adjusted puzzles based on observations.
  • Prototyped early puzzle mechanics using Unity and C#.

Color Thief: Coloring Book (PC): Jan 2013 – Dec 2016, Artist, Designer

  • The Coloring Book is a companion sandbox game to Color Thief, so all of the mechanics and assets overlap, although the puzzles have been removed.
  • Created additional UI design for the Photo Mode.
  • Created several animated banner ads in Google Web Designer.

Amelia vs. the Marathon (iOS, Android): Apr 2012 – Jan 2013, Artist, Designer

  • Designed and created all of the 3D assets for the game (characters, props, effects and environments) in 3Ds Max. Character rigging was done through Biped.
  • Worked closely with my teammate to design the gameplay mechanics/


Vicarious Visions, Albany, NY – Animator


Skylanders: Swap Force (360/PS3/WiiU): Feb 2011 – Apr 2012, Animator

  • Character and mechanical prop animation. Primarily focused on minions and mini-bosses.
  • Character rigging and skinning (3Ds Max Biped).


Guitar Hero 7 (360/PS3) – Cancelled: Aug 2010 – Feb 2011, Cinematic Team

  • Show choreography. Worked to create song visuals from a bank of character and camera animations.
  • Cinematic team brainstorming and prototyping. Created animatics of  events to play during song progression.


DJ Hero (3DS) – Cancelled: Aug 2009 – Aug 2010, Lead Animator

  • Show director. Created in-game cameras, prototyped and set the direction of a show style which differed dramatically from the console games and matched music much more closely.
  • Character animation from keyframe and mocap. Worked with engineers to create a music-driven character animation system.
  • Character rigging & skinning. Worked with character modelers closely to make characters deform better.


Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 (360/PS3): Mar 2008 – Aug 2009, Animator

  • Responsible for character animation on the AI team. Tasks included creating keyframe animations, as well as repurposing existing animations to create full animation sets within strict time constraints.
  • Character rigging & skinning (3Ds Max Biped).
  • Documented several step-by-step technical processes, such as prop bolting and how to use the in-game communication system to call and view animations.


James Bond: Quantum of Solace (DS): Jan 2008 – Mar 2008, Animator

Kung Fu Panda (DS): Sep 2007 – Jan 2008, Animator

  • Character and prop animation.



Ringling School of Art & Design, Sarasota, FL
BFA in Computer Animation

SEPTEMBER 2003 – MAY 2007


Autodesk 3D Studio Max, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Unity


ATX Game Dev Calendar
Organizer, Austin, TX



Online resource for local game developers. Public calendar of all local game development events in Austin. I maintain the calendar, Twitter account (@ATXGameDevCal) and Facebook group.


Austin Indies: Coffee Coworking
Organizer, Austin, TX



Local meetup for work-at-home indie devs who want to work together once a week.